NDS Products, Inc.

                         Manufacturer of Nuclear Radiation Detection Instruments


    Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Belt Worn Rate Alarm

    Meets NRC Requirements For Personal Monitoring

    Alarms at 500 mR and Above

    System Test Includes Battery and Alarm Test

    Alarm Output is 100 Decibles at 6 Inches

    Recessed Controls Provide Against Accidental Turn-Off When in Use and Provides Damage Protection

    Operates on One 9 Volt Battery

    Halogen Quenched GM Tube: Gamma and X-Ray From 80-2000 KeV +/- 20% - Effective Length and diameter :0.625" x 0.194". Wall thickness: 90mg/cm squared

    24 Turn Calibration Potentiometer

    2.5"W x 4.25"L x 1.25"D Excluding Belt Loop or Clip

    8 Ounces Including Battery