NDS Products, Inc.

                         Manufacturer of Nuclear Radiation Detection Instruments

NDS Products buildings were not affected by the floods from Harvey. Many of our employees have lost their homes and cars. Others are unable to get to NDS because of the high water. We are open but with a skeleton crew.


    120 VAC Dual Range Area Monitor With Selectable Alarm Trip Points

    System Includes a Control Panel Unit and a Detector Unit that can be mounted up to 1000 feet away from Control Panel, Comes with 25 feet of cable for Detector; with the option of cable up to 1000 feet

    4 Models Available: ND-AM (A), ND-AM (B), ND-AM (C) and ND-AM (D)

    ND-AM (A) 2 Range 5 and 50 mR/hr

    ND-AM (B) 2 Range 50 and 500 mR/hr

    ND-AM (C) 2 Range 100 and 1000 mR/hr

    ND-AM (D) 2 Range 10 and 100 R/hr

    Meter Indicator with Alarm Trip Adjust, Power On Lamp, Alarm Trip Lamp, Two Range Lamps

    Power ON/OFF Switch, Alarm Test Switch, Range Switch

    Two 120V AC Remote Alarm Trip Outlets on Rear of Control Panel Unit

    Halogen Quenched Energy Compensated GM Tube, Gamma and X-Ray from 80 KeV +/- 20 %

    Detector Unit Contains GM Tube and Red Indicator Lamp

    Options: ND-AM1 Portable Red Rotating Warning Light, Stand and 25 foot Power Cord, ND-AM2 Portable Red Rotating Warning Light, Siren, Stand and 25 Foot Power Cord, ND-AM3 Portable Siren, Stand and 25 Foot Power Cord

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