NDS Products, Inc.

                         Manufacturer of Nuclear Radiation Detection Instruments

NDS Products buildings were not affected by the floods from Harvey. Many of our employees have lost their homes and cars. Others are unable to get to NDS because of the high water. We are open but with a skeleton crew.


    Rugged Dustproof Radiographic Survey Meter

    Three Ranges 0-1000, 0-100, 0-10 mR/hr or 0-10,000, 0-1000, 0-100 uSv/hr

    LCD Display available in mr/hr or uSv/hr

    Halogen Quenched Energy Compensated GM Tube

    Energy Dependence Within 15% from 50-2000 KeV

    Fast/Slow Response Switch

    Operates on Two "D" Cell Batteries

    Operating Temperature using Alkaline Batteries: -20° F to 130° F (Depending on battery manufacturer)

    3lbs, 13ozs/1.73 Kilograms with Batteries

    4.4" W x 7.75" L x 6.25" H Including Handle

    Saturation in Excess of 1000R/hr when calibrated and maintained properly

    Option: audio ND-2200A