NDS Products, Inc.

                         Manufacturer of Nuclear Radiation Detection Instruments


    Three Range Dustproof Radiographic Survey Meter

    Rugged Two Piece Nylon Reinforced Case and Handle

    LCD Display

    Display Available in mR/hr or uSv/hr

    Gamma and X-Ray From 80-2000 KeV Within 20%

    Saturation in excess of 1000R/hr when calibrated and maintained properly

    Halogen Quenched, Energy Compensated GM Tube, Effective Length and Diameter: 0.625" x 0.194", Wall Thickness: 90 mg/cm²

    Individual Calibration Potentiometers for each range

    3lbs, 15ozs with batteries

    4.4" W x 7.75" L x 6.25" H, including handle

    Regulated High and Low Voltages

    Bright 2.47 Volt Dosimeter Charger Viewing Lamp

    Operates on two "D" Cell Batteries

    Operating Temperature using Alkaline Batteries: -20° F to 130° F (Depending on battery manufacturer)

    Rugged Two Piece Nylon Reinforced Case

    Option: ND-2000C LED: Uses white LED for Dosimeter Charger Viewing light source