NDS Products, Inc.

                         Manufacturer of Nuclear Radiation Detection Instruments



    0-200 mR direct reading dosimeter

    Gamma and x-ray from 16-6100 KeV +/- 10%

    Meets ANSI specifications N13.5 and N322

    Barrel construction is of a durable, electrically conducting carbon fiber loaded liquid polymer

    All metal spring loaded clip is attached to barrel

    Can be charged with most available dosimeter chargers providing at least 195 volts

    Temperature range is between -20 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius

    Humidity levels up to 90%

    Altitudes greater then 50,000 feet

    Shock, vibration and immersion tests meets Military and ANSI requirements

    Linear scale

    Length: 4.5"(12.4cm), Diameter: 0.6"(1.5cm)

    Weight: 1.0 oz (25 grams)

    All dosimeters come calibrated and includes calibration certification and decal

    Two year limited warranty from date of purchase

    Other model ranges available: W138 (0-200mR), W138S (0-2mSv), W500 (0-500mR/hr), W500S (0-5mSv), W725 (0-5R), 730 (0-20R), 742 (0-200R), 746 (0-600R).