NDS Products, Inc.

                         Manufacturer of Nuclear Radiation Detection Instruments


    Three range 0-50mR/hr Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Ray Survey Meter

    LCD display in mR/hr and CPM

    Audible click style speaker with on/off switch

    Fast/slow response switch

    Alpha above 3.5MeV, Beta above 50KeV, Gamma and X-Ray above 10KeV

    Gamma sensitivity 1000 CPM/mR/hr for Cs-137

    3lbs, 15.5ozs with batteries

    4.4" W x 9.25" L x 6.25" H, including handle

    Individual Calibration Potentiometers for each range

    Operates on two "D" Cell batteries providing over 200 Hours of continuous use with Alkaline Batteries

    Regulated High and Low Voltages

    Operating Temperature using Alkaline Batteries: -20° F to 130° F (Depending on battery manufacturer)